Two Whole Cakes

Two Whole Cakes: how to stop dieting and learn to love your body by Lesley Kinzel

I don’t usually read memoirs, but I enjoy Kinzel’s blog (also titled Two Whole Cakes) and her occasionally-updated podcast, and the subject of fat acceptance is interesting and important to me. This book details Kinzel’s journey from a slightly-larger-than-average teen mired in diet culture to the wonderfully self-assured and outspoken advocate for fat acceptance that she is today. She also touches on current issues such as the so-called obesity epidemic, the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign, fat fashion, and healthcare.

Kinzel packs a huge amount of history and information into such a short book. The informal prose makes it easy to read, although some of the ideas may be difficult for anyone not already involved in the FA movement to absorb or accept immediately. I could wish there were citations for quotations and facts, but it’s a memoir, not a scholarly work. Overall, it’s a great book and well worth reading.